Un día primaveral en Barcelona (A Spring Day In Barcelona)
Spagna 2012, 10 min
Soggetto e immagini: Federico Sartori
Una produzione EXIT med!a

La protesta de “los indignados”. work in progress.
There is a lot to say about it. The doc follows a day, a woman – activism which has more a taste of a big party – the media apparatus is making it to a news of revolution – personal interactions become more important than the message – than she can stay on the beach with her perfect body shape like in a advertisement – she is flexible – like the most of us – between political concepts and concerts- jumping high to the music next to 1.000 people – in the end there are just shadows, silhouettes of people who are leaving the place of commercial interaction. The cameraman is observing, following, watching from the distance, zooming to the love, the posses of fights, the helicopter, the structures of the power of the state.

Montaggio FinalCut: Federico Sartori

A Spring Day In Barcelona

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